How to Buy an Engagement Ring

It is true that shopping for a gorgeous diamond engagement ring is once-in-a-lifetime for most. A perfect engagement ring does have a positive impact on your relationship and taking it further to the next level. Of course the love you have on your partner matters much in your relationship, a perfect engagement ring is an [...]

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How to spot a dud from diamonds?

As the price for original diamonds keep increasing, lately some merchants try to male some quick and dirty money by fooling customers with duds. You sure don’t want to lose your hard earned money in some worthless stone. It may be easy to spot obvious duds from original shiny diamonds but when the duds are [...]

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What is a Blue-White Diamond?

Blue-White Diamond is an old term used by jewelers of old age and now the FTC is carefully controlling the use of this term because of its misuse and scams in the past. Blue light in the diamond actually refers to its fluorescence under UV light where it glows or emits blue colored light. Although [...]

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What is a carat in diamond?

You might have heard of 22, 24 and other carat gradings for Gold which determines the ratio of copper added to the metal alloy. But when it comes to diamond, it is completely different. Carat in diamond suggests the weight of the diamond. One carat equals 0.2 grams. Considering the heavy price tag and very [...]

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Do Diamonds have a good resale value?

Let’s begin with the bad news. First of all, you won’t actually get what you paid. Unless, you have purchased the diamond long, long ago, to get the original price or even with an extra markup depending on the current market conditions. Most importantly, the price of diamonds is not determined by its weight like [...]

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How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Well, you don’t need to sell your house for a diamond ring as your someone special wouldn’t need materials to understand the love you have for her. This might be an ideal answer but in reality you need more clear and precise answer. It is often said that a person should spend 3 times his [...]

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